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Keynote summary

In Gary’s speech at Elevate New York 2013 (watch it here) he talked about the difference in marketing between ten years ago an now. And how marketers (most of them) refuse to adapt to the times of now and keep using old school methods (almost) nobody opens/watch anymore. Methods that become more and more expensive while turning into less and less efficient ways to bring in results.

Some of the old school methods mentioned are the direct email, email marketing, printing, radio and TV. Even AdWords has announced a decreased in ads click of 15% the last year. Same goes with sites like Groupon, that a few years back was a real success, now emails from them are considered spam and annoying.

“We’re marketing in a way that we’d never act like that as a customer.”

Time and attention are the most valuable assets now, and marketers should use new ways to get this from people. Gary suggest to think about the things a few years back we wouldn’t think of doing. Of things we don’t necessarily like or approve of. And put aside our “fear” and use these to market our business. We need to flip it – and use storytelling in at least four social media channels today: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Also, we should drop the things we ourselves don’t use anymore – how many ads do we still click on? Or how many emails do we run to read? Close to none? Therefore, drop it. Their efficiency is close to 0 today.

The social networks are 2 ways conversations that we should use to natively storytelling to bring awareness and value to our listeners. They’re not (anymore) channels to push our promotions and get impressions. That one is over. For example, Twitter is a channel we should use to listen and shut up, while we only engage in conversations, listen to people and respond (add value!).

Basically, valuable CONTENT and ENGAGEMENT are the key things that are effective in the times of now. Watch Gary’s video, he’s wise but also a great speaker that will fascinate you and open you eyes about what marketing really is in the times of now.

“We get stuck in the ways in the ways we market.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is an entrepreneur with a very vast experience in a lot of fields. One of his great passions is to collect wine. As he discovered early in his career the power of eCommerce and marketing, he started using this power for his business. Gary shortly entered also in the video making business elated to his wine business.

In 2009, together with his brother launched VaynerMedia, a new breed of agency that would help Fortune 500 companies like GE, PepsiCo, Green Mountain Coffee, the NY Jets, and the Brooklyn Nets find their social voices and build their digital brands through micro content and other storytelling actions. The idea took hold – what started as a 6-person project 4 years ago has swelled to a 250-strong team spread across USA.

He’s now also a speaker, sharing his experience in business with people around the world, angel invest in startups like Tumblr, Path, Grand St and Uber, and randomly pop up on TV. Gary has also found a passion for storytelling and writing, being really proud of his next book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”.

In a recent event in New York he talked about the marketing of today. We’ve watched it and summarized a little bit for you. Read the lines below and watch the video when you get the time. It is truly inspiring and revealing to how we do marketing today.

Time Killer

No matter if you’re a successful director of a growing company or just an ordinary merchant trying to spend most of his time with his family, there’re some certain factors of modern society that will make sure to kill your time & productivity. Here is a list of 10 biggest time killers:

1. Emails – every third person spend up to 2 hours checking his or her emails, 22% spend even more than 2 hours!

2. Internet surfing – it usually starts with a short video, then continues with another blogpost and other news stories. 4 out of 5 people spend more than 2 hours every single day surfing on the internet.

3. Watching TV – it’s hard to stay concentrated with all these available TV shows. 26% of people spend between 1-2 hours watching television every day.

4. Procrastination – this time killers is not so concrete, yet as deadly as the other ones. Waiting to complete a task or a project can lead to serious issues

5. Meetings – some of them are necessary, but sometimes they’re really not. 18% of the world population spend up to 2 hours every day in meetings

6. Non-business conversations – it’s nice to have chit-chats with friends, but it’s definitely a serious time killer. 9 out of 10 people spend between 1-2 hours chatting every day

7. Commuting / Travel time – you probably know it yourself that you can waste tons of time in traffic every day. Only 31% of the world population don’t know this problem as they work from home

8. Social networking – social media start becoming more and more important in our everyday lives, and so does time wasting. 3 out of 4 people spend more than 2 hours every single day on networks like Facebook, Twitter and similar

9. Texting / cell phones – these two things are sometimes really important when keeping us connected, but can be serious time killers as well

10. Red tape – each system or government comes with some red tape, and 75% of people have to deal with some type every day

How many of them are you abusing?


Tink is an online personal finance manager

tinkTink is an internet service that lets you get better control and understanding of your personal finances. Tink retrieves information automatically from Sweden’s 12 biggest banks and credit cards, collects everything on one place and categorized and analyzes your total finances.

You can easily track your expenses and set own goals based on categories such as food or eating out. Tink is free to use and you can register to test Tink’s beta version.

Tink AB was created in 2012, have 7 employees and office in Stockholm.

This is how it works

All in one place

You can collect all your incomes and expenses in your Tink account. All you need to do is to link your bank accounts, credit cards, stockbrokers or any other services. Tink collects new data automatically once it’s updated, so your account is always updated.


Tink compiles and categorizes all your incomes and expenses in real time. You can easily see how much money you spend on food, fuel or pleasure. You can see how expenses have changed in single categories over time.


You can set a budget, either for one or more expense categories. If you want to save something special or just get better control over your expenses, so it’ll be much easier when it happens automatically. Tink notifies you when you are about to exceed your budget.

What I really like about Tink is its user-friendliness and terrific design. This services has got a big potential, let’s see what this talented team can make out of it.

Here is a list of 10 perfect iOS applications for getting things done. GTD is a personal productivity system to help you organize and manage your commitments and responsibilities. The goal of using a system like this is to achieve and maintain a calm, focused control of everything in your life.


GetFlow, also known as Flow, is a task management app that’s going to help you organize your entire life. Whether you’re working collaboratively or all on your own, Flow is going to make getting things done a lot easier.


  • Smooth web-based platform
  • Very good team collaboration tool


Things is a detailed task manager by Cultured Code that will help you organize your very busy life. Things isn’t just a simple to-do list, it’s a serious “get things done” (GTD) tool that allows you to create projects, each with their own set of tasks, assign tags and specific areas, and much, much more. With versions for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and a sophisticated syncing service called Things Cloud, you can keep and update all your projects and tasks wherever you go.


  • Awesome sync between your iPhone, iPad and Mac
  • Categorize with Areas


There are thousands of apps that let you create a list of things to do, even synchronize them with online services – but Clear becomes a revolutionary App with a distinguishing element, a super-simple and very interesting interface. The screen is fully occupied by lists and things to do, and all operations are made through gestures that are learned naturally and in few seconds. Instead of intrusive elements to add and manage lists of items, everything is processed throughnatural gestures, such as “open space” between two elements, or drag the list, etc.


  • Revolutionary interface
  • Smart gestures and smooth synchronization between Mac and iPhone


Wunderlist is a popular productivity app that enjoys excellent ratings from iTunes users. The app uses cloud computing so you can access your notes and to-do lists from anywhere, including the Wunderlist desktop app for Macs and PCs. Wunderlist’s interface is streamlined and simple, which is exactly what you want to see in a productivity app. The app has a choice of several backgrounds, and each to-do list is illustrated in a simple white-and-black design. Wunderlist is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


  • Wunderlist features subtasks
  • Awesome design, user-friendibility


Any.DO has a super clean interface that it means to allow you to add and organize tasks quickly and easily. There are two main views that Any.DO allows you to toggle between – date and folder based. The date based view will combine all your different lists to show you what needs to get done today, tomorrow, this week, and later. It will pull them according to how you added tasks to Any.DO.


  • Super clean interface
  • Practival web based platform


Carrot, also known as “The To-Do List with a Personality,” opens with a few quick tutorial pages that explain how the app works. You start by writing your to-do items on a fairly blank page (there’s a header at the top). Drag down the screen to start a new entry. Hit “done” for the task to appear on your list. Swipe from left to right on any task to mark it as completed, and swipe right to left to reveal a menu. And that’s it.


  • Extremely simple interface
  • Smart gestures


Springpad lets you stockpile notes, tasks, ideas, images and more for later with an easy-to-use iPhone app. The app synchronizes with the browser-based version at, too, which lets you quickly save clippings of web pages and parses useful info like ingredients in a recipe to then be added to a shopping list inside the app. The Springpad iPhone app even features a built-in barcode scanner that you can use to save info about products you come across in the real world.


  • Built-in barcode scanner
  • Web-version platform


2Do’s layout is carefully considered and hosts more options within easy reach than any other similar app I’ve yet come across. Inevitably, despite the app’s intuitive design, this customisability does come with the cost of reducing simplicity somewhat, but the learning curve is very slight indeed and 2Do seems to work happily on two levels: basic organising for light users, yet with a lot for power users to get stuck into. I think that 2Do has the balance just right and this will help give the app longevity.


  • Great user interface
  • Awesome sync

Remember the MilkRemember the milk

Remember the Milk’s got a great name, and the app works like a regular to-do list — you add tasks and then you can mark them complete. You can even set priorities. There’s no leaving the list at the office or at home since you can check it on any device. The syncing of the list is almost instantaneous — add something on the web and it will appear on the iPhone or Android right away. In fact, that goes for all these apps.


  • Smart lists and tags
  • Totally free


Todo® Task Manager for iPhone is a powerful set of tools that makes task management easier. You can use Todo on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, keep your tasks synchronized using Todo Pro, a cloud sync service for tasks, or one of the other sync options like Dropbox, iCloud, Toodledo, or Microsoft Outlook (sync with Outlook requires Appigo Sync for Windows). Todo helps you focus on what matters most and allows you to integrate the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology or your own.


  • Friendibility with other services such as Dropbox
  • Awesome sync

Showcase your expertise with Enthuse is a simple, elegant service that lets you showcase your expertise in the most effective way – by cutting out the best examples of your work, knowledge or passion. lets you add your basic information such as name, your job title, location or link to your website. In addition, you can import data from services such as LinkedIn, Klout, Slideshare, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Blogger, Vimeo, YouTube and Twitter.

To begin creating your own page, you first have to choose a username, which also forms the basis for your web address (e.g., and sign up manually with your email address or via LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Next you upload an image and fill out a short bio defining your expertise, which acts as the slogan of your page and appears at the very top of your profile page.

The next step is to grab links and other content from your various online presences, such as your career history pulled in from LinkedIn, your follower stats from Twitter, or your Klout score from Klout.

The best thing about is its simplicity. I created my portfolio in less than 5 minutes.It’s free and still in Beta.

Other alternatives to are or

The GTD method rests on the idea of moving planned tasks and projects out of the mind by recording them externally and then breaking them into actionable work items. To do apps allows one to focus attention on taking action on tasks, instead of on recalling them.

Here are 10 alternatives of to do apps and my personal favorites are Flow, Things and Clear below.



Flow is an online collaboration platform that makes it easy for people to create, organize, discuss, and accomplish tasks. I like Flow’s intuitive interface with powerful functionality, which in my eyes revolutionizes the way you can get things done.



  • Web-based version
  • Excellent collaboration interface

Price: $9.99/month

Visit the website




Things is an easy to use task manager. It’s really very simple to get started and enter & organize your to-dos. Things’ smooth synchronization between your Mac and iOS devices will make you more productive. Achieving my goals has become easier with Things because of its user-friendibility and perfect design.





  • Smooth sync between your iPhone, iPad & Mac
  • Awesome design and interface

Price: $49.99

Visit the website




Clear for Mac works like Clear for iPhone: you can create lists, and tasks inside lists. Tasks are color-coded (according to the theme you’re using) to show a darker tone if they’re at the top of a list, and thus have higher priority. Gestures play an important role in Clear for Mac: you can swipe with two fingers to complete or delete a task, swipe up or down to move between “levels” of the interface, pinch to go back, and so forth.



  • Extremely simple user interface
  • Intuitive gestures

Price: $6.99

Visit the website




Wunderlist is a very simple, well designed and easy-to-use task management tool. You can create to-dos from jobs that fill your daily life and assign them to certain lists such as “Shopping”, “Work”, “Private” or anything else you would like. If you have any new tasks that spring to mind, just open Wunderlist and write them down. You can even share your lists with colleagues, friends and partners. This will increase your productivity in every aspect of your life. The best thing about it its free plan which doesn’t reduce your possibilities to be more productive.



  • Supports web-based version, Mac, iPhone as well as Android
  • Simplicity & fresh design

Price: free or $4.99/month

Visit the website




OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and allow you to store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items. I would recommend this application to more advanced users as its interface is not as easy as Flow’s, Wunderlist’s or Things’ one.





  • Many features such as sub-tasking
  • Smooth sync between Mac, iPad and iPhone

Price: $79.99

Visit the website




Due for Mac is an application for your OSX device aimed at setting and receiving super-fast, highly efficient reminders. It features several smart functions such as quick entry shortcut, which makes it really easy to stay on top of things.






  • Really fast, undo & redo feature
  • Smart snoozing and reminders

Price: $79.99

Visit the website




Conqu is a good, yet odd in places, looking GTD specific app for a host of platforms, including not so common ones such as Blackberry Playbook and Nook Color. With a decent feature set, clearly and simply laid out. It doesn’t include some features the most GTD apps do, however, you’ll definitely like its design and uniqueness.





  • Web-based version as well as support for every platform
  • Smart creation of projects

Price: free

Visit the website




Individuals and professionals looking for a new way to manage projects can turn to Nozbe. This web based application allows for single and team management of tasks and projects. Users can create an account and work towards meeting goals through the use of actions, contexts and tasks. Access is available a few ways which allows greater flexibility for the user. The best thing about is its price: free.




  • Ability to share projects
  • It works with third-party applications

Price: free

Visit the website



One thing that some applications are very good at is assisting with productivity. is another reincarnation of this type of application. This particular tool offers a very appealing design and many functions to help users get things done on time. Using, users can juggle multiple tasks and collect ideas through a inbox. These ideas can be processed and organized. They can later be reviewed or scheduled as a to do item on a to do list. is compatible across many platforms, including Windows, iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices. also utilizes cloud processing so the user can easily retrieve data stored in the cloud.


  • Web-based version
  • Smart filters

Price: free

Visit the website




Todo for Mac brings together features from Todo for iPhone, Todo for iPad, and Todo Pro and redefines productivity on the Mac Desktop. Built on top of the same synchronization platform, Todo for Mac includes Cloud Sync with Todo Pro, iCloud, Dropbox, and Toodledo. In my opinion, it’s definitely capable of competing against more expensive applications such as Things or OmniFocus.




  • Multi-adaptive windows
  • Task zooming & smart organization

Price: free & $14.99

Visit the website

Maintaining your website uptime is critical to your business’ success. That’s why it’s a good idea to sign up for a service that will monitor your uptime and notify you the minute your site is down. This way you can get your site back as soon as possible to minimize downtime.

Here, I’ve picked 5 uptime services to compare.



Uptime Robot

This is my personal favorite. And the best thing about it – it’s free!
Basically, Uptime Robot is all about helping you to keep your websites up. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down. Uptime Robot only downloads the HTTP headers of a website which means it doesn’t download the analytics tracking codes of Google Analytics, etc.


  • Uptime Robot lets you add up to 50 websites to monitor for free
  • You can choose from several alert methods




Pingdom has a very strong and narrow focus on covering the uptime monitoring needs of 90% of the companies & other users in the world. It does offer a very basic free account. Although the free service only lets you monitor one site.


  • Push alerts via iPhone app
  • User set regularity of checks is the free little sister service to Monitis and offers a simple set-up for its external monitoring. As well as alerts, the app tracks failures and logs a report of the uptime/downtime of your website per day, week or month and makes the reports available to you in real time.


  • You can choose from several alert methods
  • It offers application and software monitoring tools as well




Site24x7 is a web infrastructure monitoring service that helps to monitor the uptime and performance of websites, online applications and servers. The monitoring is done from 40+ locations across the world, thus giving you a global perspective of the end-user experience. Site24x7 supports monitoring HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, TCP, IMAP, SSL, Ping, FTP, SFTP, DNS and other internet facing network services.


  • Many premium features
  • A very easy to use user interface




SiteUptime provides over 125,000 website owners with an online service for monitoring their website availability. Their services are designed to provide any webmaster or website owner with a fast, effective and automated method for ensuring that their website is active and working properly.


  • SiteUptime provides uptime reports
  • It features an uptime button & public statistics page

Large and small displays on the wall, that show different statistic and other live data, have become very popular at tech companies.

“Data on a wall makes everything feel more important.”

Cabel Sasser, co-founder of Portland

Several developers are beginning to offer tools for big screens as many big boards are now driven by custom code. Panic is close to releasing an iPad app called Status Board that makes it easy to create an office dashboard and stream it to a television.

However, the “big board” market is still young. Hopefully, there will be plenty things to look forward to in future.

Space dice

Jon Wheatley is the creator of a dice game called Space Dice which he recently wrote a blogpost about how he took from an idea to a finished product.

Inside each Space pack is a whole galaxy. Fifteen dices in three different colors. Green dices bring life to your galaxy. They help you grow your score and minimize the bad that can happen. Orange dices bring uncertainty. The balance of good and bad. Red dices are the harbingers of destruction, dangerous level quitters.

The goal with Space Dice is to roll as many “habitable planets” as possible, before you roll 3 black holes and make your galaxy unstable. A “habitable planet” is a planet near at least 1 star and without space debris hurtling towards it. The first person to roll 10 habitable planets is the winner.

Jon is an entrepreneur from London and prior to founding dailybooth in February 2009, he worked on a number of different web projects including social music website, screenshot sharing mac application, and online gaming website that was acquired for $70,000 when he was 17.

In an interview for, he was asked about his secret to his success with websites and other products:

There is no real secret to it. If you make something good people will like it. If people like it people will use it. If people like it and use it they’ll tell their friends about it. If that happens people will want to buy you. Wash rinse and repeat.